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Walk in Tubs Minneapolis
Walk in Tubs Minneapolis 
Bathroom remodeling Minneapolis handyman focused on universal design ideas makes bathroom more handicap accessible with attributes including a walk in bathtub or roll-in shower with extremely sturdy grab bars
The bathroom in one room that presents the most significant obstacle to elderly people or those having various physical challenges. The Minneapolis handyman is highly trained in senior retrofitting so he can add features to enhance accessibility and mobility in the bathroom. These customizations make a big difference in the lives of aging residents who prefer to live at home rather than moving to an assisted care establishment.
Collin Dickey, owner of HandyPro Handyman Services (612-823-8128) provides home modification ( to help solve several of the most common bathroom issues, including small bathrooms with a cumbersome design. The bath tub, toilet and sink lined along one wall or the tub and shower unit on one side, sink and commode across from it leaving hardly any room in the middle makes navigating challenging for people using walkers or wheelchairs. The narrow doorways really don't make things easy either.
People with good motives often make the issue more severe when they add grab bars and hand rails but fail to properly secure them. This could be dangerous to the disabled person who relies on them for support. A badly installed grab bar can be more dangerous than not having one at all. Towel bars also should be be installed with fasteners designed to support more weight, primarily when they are situated where could be grabbed.
The local handyman concentrates on senior home retrofitting with universal design fundamentals to provide the best solution. There are a number of ways to solve accessibility and mobility issues in the home including adding another bathroom or redesigning the existing bathroom to fulfill the personal needs of the resident. Solutions furnished by the bathroom remodel professionals at HandyPro Handyman Service involve:
·         Broader entry door with lever-style handles rather than traditional door knobs
·         Plenty of floor area near and leading to tub, shower, sink and commode
·         Wheelchair accessible with lots of turn-around space
·         Roll-in shower or walk in bathtub
·         Sink crafted with leg space under it for seated use
For lots of folks on a modest income a complete bathroom remodel is out of the question; nevertheless, there are plenty of quick and easy fixes that can make a difference including round corners, non-slip flooring, single lever faucet handles and adequate lighting with rocker style switches. HandyPro will send their specially trained bathroom transformation contractor to provide a free assessment and consultation to come up with the solution that works best for the owner and fits their budget. Visit for more information.
About HandyPro Handyman Service:
HandyPro bathroom remodeling experts provide personalized home modification for people who can no longer live in their home as it is presently designed. The handyman can add the necessary products and devices devised to create an enjoyable and independent living surrounding. HandyPro Handyman Service is recognized for their AIM strategy in senior home renovation, Assess, Inform and Modify to boost the lifestyle for a handicapped homeowner.
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